Body Modelling

We encourage you to check out the body shaping offer! With the painless SHAPINPULSE laser treatment, you will model your figure.

– 1 treatment takes only 30 minutes

– innovative body shaping technology

– the procedure is completely painless

– laser counteracts localized and diffuse fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs and arms

How does aesthetic liposuction with the SHAPINPULSE laser work?

The precision medical laser combats excessive fat accumulation, localized and diffuse.

The local increase in temperature increases the permeability of adipocytes, which release triglycerides and fatty acids that are naturally removed by the lymphatic system. Comfort during the treatment is ensured by the cooling system of the heads.

The head attachment system allows you to customize the application scheme.

Fat volume reduction is a process whose effects build up over time, reaching maximum results 4 weeks after treatment.

Price list

1 treatment 45 minutes/1300 PLN
3 treatments (package) 3000 PLN

Take a look at the offer and make a reservation today!

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