This extremely relaxing treatment is all about floating on the surface of the water – how is that possible? The water is saturated with EPSOM salt, which allows you to carelessly drift and experience a state of weightlessness. The water in the cabin has a temperature similar to that of the human body, which increases the feeling of relaxation.

This treatment has amazing regenerating and relaxing properties. One hour of the session in the cabin is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep.

1 person – 120 zł / 50 minutes
2 persons – 160 zł / 50 minutes

R.E.S.T Therapy

Floating is otherwise known as limited environmental stimulation therapy. The technique is simply floating in a special deprivation cabin – limiting the flow of as much external stimulus to the person as possible.


  • Reduction of pain in the spine, muscles and joints
  • Accelerate rehabilitation after injuries and trauma
  • improvement of body condition and performance
  • improve circulation
  • metabolism improvement
  • reduce stress levels
  • fatigue reduction
  • improve sleep quality
  • increase vitality and energy
  • improvement in mood and well-being
  • Support in the treatment of depression, neurosis and anxiety